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Hi everyone

Before writing this I have read a few introduction and I am impressed at the level of passion and knowledge that is out there. I am still learning but I am willing to converse to anyone who like to educate me on subject further.

What I have seen of the Zeitgeist movies and some of Peter Josephs lectures and some of my own research. That in the whole people who are in authority that ensures the the status quo are the result of Hieratical system that has been nurtured and strategic moves to ensure that it grows, basically we are all apart of that system the difference is that we are aware of it, how it works, what its insidious motives are.

And thats the key, is to make everyone aware, encourage people to expand their knowledge. Mindsets need to change first before any other tangible changes can make any meaningful affect.

I live here in Auckland and dont mind talking to people. My email addy is:

Before I go, I know that it is frustrating that how things work and the injustice that the current establishment produces. We need to be smart and provide the public with all the information we can get our hands on, and so that they can make an informed decision on what is the right course to take.

Thanks for the opportunity for me to rant on.


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